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7 / 25 / 14

I lost my wallet the other day (Which had very important things inside… don’t even know why I kept them there)

A day later….

I was home and I heard the doorbell ring.

I opened the door to this lady and her son, and then she said “I’m looking for Karen…

My eyes lit up… all I can think about was ‘please please please be the person who found my wallet’. 

and then she asked “Did you lose something?

She handed me my brown leather wallet and all I can think about is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’. I have never felt so grateful for this lady, for coming all the way to my house just to bring me back my wallet. 

I offered her the $40 I had in that wallet, and she refused to take it. 

I am so grateful. I owe it to someone to do some random act of kindness, or maybe I should have been doing this all along.

Beatles Yellow Submarine LSD

Beatles Yellow Submarine LSD

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